Who we are

Global Engineering Services (GES) is a leading provider of high-end professional technical support and training services for automated tinting equipment to Paints and Coatings producers in the Middle East & Africa.

GES a host of services including preventive maintenance, installations, repairs, instrument calibrations, as well as training on equipment and software operation

Some Equipment We Support


An automatic dispenser that delivers a perfect balance between productivity and overall tinting costs. The added value comes from the thoroughly proven bellow pump technology combined with the latest developments in the circuit devices that strongly impact ownership costs.

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In essence, a true combination of our heritage in developing professional dispensers and a true commitment to making our customer’s business the most profitable and successful possible… at an affordable price!

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COROB™ D410x

The most accurate bellow pump automatic dispenser that combines medium to high performance, productivity and versatility all in one professional unit. It offer the greatest dispenser flexibility, delivering an optimal price/performance ratio.

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The COROB™ CLEVERmix 20 represents the optimal mix between simplicity of use and an everlasting durable unit. Basically, The compact manual gyroscopic mixer

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The SIMPLEshake 30 is the convenient entry level product, capable of exceeding expectations. This shaker proves to be a ‘day by day’ strong working partner and its easy approach makes it an operator preference..

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